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Real Communities, empowered by Town Angels

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Real Communities, empowered by Town Angels

Do you know that feeling when you are promised to live like a local and then you arrive to your destination and you feel like at a hotel?
“These are your keys, please leave them on the table when you check out”.
We are different.

We have decided to cherry pick a finite number of cozy towns in Italy, out of the traditional tourist routes but easy to reach and featured with all necessary services business and wellbeing services, from babysitting to taxi, from a selection of regional food and wine options to outdoor sport choices.
In one word, undervalued jewels.

But this is not all, we went a step further. We perfectly know that working for a medium-long term in a location that, though amazing, does not offer you the possibility of social engagement can get boring quickly. And boring often means also unproductive.
This is why we have created the Town Angel program.




Fiumefreddo Bruzio (CS)



Pergine Valdarno (AR)



Acquavella (SA)



Barletta (BT)



Monterubiaglio (TR)

Town Angels are the enablers of each town community, working as ice breaker among remote workers and trait d’union between remote workers and locals. They are the local pivots, ensuring that remote workers are having a great time and continuously interacting with hosts and experience providers to solve any potential issue, organizing activities and thematic events together with the local community.
Town Angels know everything about the area and everyone in town, and are enthusiastic about sharing their superpowers with the remote workers community.

Just ask them directly on our Slack channel:


Smartway's Social Impact

We aim at being a pillar of Smartway Towns economy and social life. Small towns are the backbone of Italy, and our mission is to valorize them and empower their local communities.
We do so by making remote workers discover undervalued towns, bringing with them open minds and fresh ideas to share. Smartway is not a platform for weekend getaways, we don’t like fast tourism and this is one of the reasons why our hosts love us.

But we also enable locals to unlock the tremendous potential of their territory in a sustainable way, aiding residents’ retention and increasing number of medium- and long-term quality inhabitants.

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Even though we believe that the social potential we unlock is our main strength, we are also proud to say that our business model allows economic valorization of the territory in a sustainable fashion and without cannibalizing it. We estimate an economic impact of ca. 1.1-1.3M€/year in each small town (of which ca. 500-600k€/year of direct impact and 600-700k€ of induced impact). We empower self-sustaining small business and enable local communities to do more and better without losing their souls.