Start your day with some warm up and run guided by Ken George, a former champion athlete and gladiator Contender. Ken is now a local of Nocera and he can’t wait to get you moving a bit before starting your working day!

What will you do

After a short warm up in Piazza San Filippo you will go on a 40 min jogging session, suitable for everyone and tailored to a variety of running abilities. 

There will be extension loops for the more able runners and short cuts for those who need it. 

Starting from Portici San Filippo and exiting from ‘Porra Vecchia’ you will cross the park and skirting the ancient walls you will reach the ‘Colletto dei Frati’ from where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Nocera Umbra.

From the “Colletto dei Frati” through a small wood you will go down to the “Acqua della Sorgente Flaminia” spring to taste one of the miraculous waters characteristic of this area.

Through this experience with Ken you will be able to awaken your mind and body to make your day more productive and face everything with more energy and positivity! 🔥

And to well finish your running session, a refreshing juice at “Porta Vecchia” finish point will await for you!

Meeting point 

Portici San Filippo – No car needed

What is included

  • Warm Up and Running session
  • Final refreshment

Weekly availability

The experience is bookable all over the year – except for August – according to the availability of Ken.

Booking in advance is required at least 3 weeks before.

Min. / Max. number of participants

Min. 4 Max. 20 people


Around 1 hour



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