Traditional Sciacca Pottery making class Core, Experiences Workshop


Become a potter for the day and create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that you can treasure forever. Whether you want to learn the craft of ceramic making with the guidance of a master craftsman or paint pieces of pottery, you can create something that you will always be proud of.

What will you do

A workshop, a millenary art and its secrets that go through your hands and that can be taken with you. This means taking an anonymous piece of clay and turning it into a unique work in the world because you made it, under the guide of the artisan masters, that for centuries have been passing on this tradition to Sciacca.

Following the experience:

  • The Master potter will welcome and introduce you to”The life of a Potter, a craftsman and his workshop”
  • Explanation of materials and their properties..
  • Examples of manufacture, techniques and products.
  • Use the potter’s wheel to throw a pot
  • Decoration and glazing of an object already baked with the traditional techniques and colours of Sciacca according to your inspiration
  • Second firing by the master craftsman.
  • Pick up finished ceramics or optional home delivery / shipping. Or you can immediately bring with you a ready-made object (optional)

What is included

Clay course, clay, colors, tools for decoration are included in the price.


The duration of the experience is approximately 1h30

Min. Max number of partecipants 

Min. 1 Max 4 people

Weekly availability

This experience is bookable according to the availability of the promoter. Ask you Town Angel to arrange for it!



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