The vaporous caves of Daedalus & the enchanted Castle Core, Experiences Tour & Trekking


An interesting tour between the myth and art of Sciacca culture.

Explore the ancient caves of Sciacca used for therapeutic purposes by the ancient Greeks and Romans and the Enchanted Castle, a magical garden with a curious history behind!

What will you do

There is a place where, for thousands of years, the earth has shared its deepest breath with men. Daedalus Caves are, most likely, the oldest natural thermal springs in the world. Designed by the great Athenian architect Daedalus who arrived here after escaping from the labyrinth of Crete and the loss of his son Icarus. A legendary healing experience that you can try among vapors, landscapes and the discovery of Mediterranean plants.

Together with a local guide you will discover these ancient caves that still today emanate steam from their walls. During the visit the local guide will tell you all the story and curiosities beside this unique of a kind location. After the caves, you will reach the Enchanted castle, a place of indescribable atmosphere, a museum-garden where thousands of sculptures created by Filippo Bentivegna can be found. A spectacle created by the inventiveness of man and nature, where, in addition to the olive and almond trees, stand the heads carved and chiselled into the rock by ‘Filippu di li testi’, a true artist with an immense creative capacity, one of the greatest exponents of art brut or outside art. The enchanted castle is unique in its kind.

Meeting point

Santuario di San Calogero

What is included

  • guided tour of Daedalus caves and enchanted castle
  • Entrance ticket


The duration of the experience is approximately 2h30

Min. Max number of partecipants 

Min. 10 Max 50 people

Weekly availability

This experience is bookable according to the availability of the promoter and weather permitting. Booking in advance is required.



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