Social Eating at the Castle following the Mediterranean Diet Experiences, Gold Food & Drinks


Did you know that Pollica has been proclaimed the Unesco capital of the Mediterranean Diet? It was here, in the last century, that the American physiologist Ancel Keys developed what is now universally considered the most balanced diet in the world.

What we are proposing is a real journey discovering the mediterranean diet through lunches and dinners in a truly suggestive location: the Pollica Castle.

What will you do?

Food is life, nourishment, it is a vehicle of values, culture, symbols and identity, food is sociality. Eating is an essential act for human life, but it requires conscience and awareness. Today’s great challenge is to be able to preserve the planet, nourishing man in a healthy way and taking care of the ecosystem that hosts it. The Mediterranean Diet is proposed as a sustainable model of living, for man and the environment.

Experience the healthy and balanced Mediterranean diet during your workation!

The entire stay will be a journey through the expression of the frequencies recommended by the food pyramid; the basics of the Mediterranean lifestyle will be introduced: conviviality and movement, with the aim of providing the keys to a dietary education to be followed over time.

Every day you can enjoy lunches and dinners that will be lovingly and passionately prepared by local people.

On the last evening, the participants will compete in a creative Mediterranean cooking contest, where creativity, respect for the raw materials, and the tradition of the host location will be rewarded!

Meeting point 

Castello dei Principi Capano – No car needed

What is included

  • Everyday Lunch + Dinner menù
  • All the raw materials and products needed

Alcoholic drinks are not included and to consider extra

Min. Max. number of participants

Min. 5 Max. 20 participants

Weekly availability 

Upon request. Booking in advance is required



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