Singing with the Aggius’ polyphonic choirs Experiences Local life


During your Smartway workation you will live authentic experiences that will allow you to become part of the community and learn about the authentic traditions of the village… this experience is one of those!

What we offer

The singing of Aggius (known as “canto aggese”) a choral singing style that represents, in all the events told, the lives of the people of Gallura: either in happy and sad moments, it is a song of love, joy or sorrow; in poverty and wealth, it becomes a prayer or a religious chant.

The choral singing of Aggius has primordial origins and has not undergone any external influences for centuries. The first choral groups were formed around the 14th century, at the time when Villa d’Agios was the chief town of a fief. Later on, the Gregorian chants became popular, soon accompanied by the rise of the traditional Sardinian songs, until the latter reached a well-defined identity of their own.

During your stay, you could attend the choir rehearsals of one of the choirs of Aggius, “Il Galletto di Gallura” in their head quarter.

During the evening, you could also try to sing with them, you will discover that it is not at all easy, but at the same time it will be a truly unique experience!

Meeting point 

headquarter of “Il Galletto di Gallura” choir

What is included

  • 2 days rehearsals
  • curiosities and history of the Aggius polyphonic choirs
  • singing practice


The experience lasts approximately 1 hour each day

Min. Max number of participants 

Min. 4 Max 20 participants

Weekly availability

This experience is available all over the year.

Monday – Wednesday – Thursday

the evening starting from 21:00

Booking in advance is required at least 1 week before, according to the availability of the choir



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