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Rena Majore

Sea & Yoga are two worlds that meet each other.

Diving into the crystal clear waters and plunging into oneself become parts of a single experience: in both cases we find ourselves swimming in a liquid, familiar and energetic dimension. We experience true freedom.
Practicing yoga on the beach is a unique opportunity to regenerate yourself. The power of the sea, the sun and the wind release the energy within us. Yoga, like the sea, makes us discover our lightness, the ability to float, to be creative.

What we offer

Sea Yoga Revolution is an experience of movement, breath and energy that comes from the sea and joins the sound of the waves, the warmth of the sand, the freedom of the wind.

The practice of Vinyasa molds itself into the forms of nature, opening body and mind to a new energy.

The most important revolution you can make is listening yourselves, pause the frenetic rhythms of everyday life and rediscover your time and space.

Together with Camilla, you will immerse yourself completely in this practice, in a truly suggestive location, the Rena Majore beach.

Remember to bring your yoga mats (in case you don’t have it, please advise us and we will provide it with the teacher), towels and comfortable clothes.

Meeting point

Rena Majore Beach (Istimo del pescatore) – Car needed

What is included

  • 90 minutes of sea yoga vinyasa flow practice
  • stunning location

PLEASE NOTE -> transport to the meeting point (Rena Majore Beach) is not included.


The experience lasts approximately 1h30 hour

Min. Max number of participants 

Min. 2 Max 12 participants

Weekly availability

This experience is available early in the morning or late afternoon, according to the availability of the teacher and weather permitted. It could be done during all the year.

Times are subject to season and temperatures. Participants are responsible for themselves in relation to their physical health, it is preferable to communicate particular conditions to the teacher, even privately before the lesson.

Booking in advance is required at least 5 days before




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