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Thanks to the experience of Maria Carmela, a lover of cooking and traditional desserts and a super granny, all the secrets behind this ancient recipe will be revealed during this fun cooking class!

What you will do

You probably know the Christmas “Zeppole” from Naples area, here we are talking about something like that! Similar to small zeppole but with a much lighter color, the Scauratielli are among the Cilento desserts produced during Christmas time. 

The production of scauratielli is linked to the ancient Greek custom of celebrating the winter solstice by preparing very similar honey sweets. They were prepared to celebrate the beginning of the new season and were shaped like an Alpha (α) and an Omega (ω), the first and last letter of the Greek alphabet.

In the ancient recipe, they were decorated with laurel or rosemary leaves, to which were then added the small colored sugared almonds.

A fundamental step is the boiling of the scauratielli, even if today, many inhabitants of Cilento, prepare them cold and fry them directly in boiling oil. This passage, among other things, gives the name to the dessert from the dialectal term “scaurare” that means “to boil”.

Each inhabitant jealously guards his or her own recipe, in fact, it is known that each family then holds its own secrets, which makes these sweets different from each other. 

During the cooking class, Maria Carmela will reveal her own recipe and all the tips & tricks that make up these delicious sweets.

Once you have followed all the steps for preparation with her, all you will have to do is taste the result of your efforts! Which one of you will be proclaimed the best Cilento pastry chef!?

Meeting point 

Castello dei Principi Capano – No Car needed

What is included

  • Cooking class
  • Dessert tasting

Min. Max. number of participants

Min. 2 Max. 10 participants

Weekly availability 

All over the year. Booking in advance is required


About 2 hours



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