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San Gemini

San Gemini has always been known for its mineral waters. However, for  food lovers, we have thought of an experience for you: 3 hours of pasta therapy with Lorena, one of the main experts of San Gemini! 😉

What will you do

With Lorena you could experience a real taste journey into the most authentic flavors guaranteed by the genuineness and freshness of the products chosen for the cooking class.
The experience will be held at Lorena’s house, a beautiful building in the historic center of San Gemini.
You will spend 3 hours learning the secrets of how to prepare excellent homemade fresh pasta, such as the traditional “picchiatelli” of San Gemini. They will be precious hours that will pass in the company of laughter, curiosity and always with your hands in the pasta!
At the end of the lesson, you can enjoy the result all together during a friendly dinner in the charming dining room in front of the fireplace on colder days, or in the lush garden during the summer season.

Meeting point 

Via Casventino, 4 – No car needed

What is included

  • Cooking class where you could prepare 2 kind of fresh pasta and dessert
  • All the products needed
  • Friendly Dinner 

Min. Max. number of participants

Min. 2 Max. 12 participants

Weekly availability 

Monday – Friday

Usually the cooking class is arranged in the afternoon followed by a dinner. We can exceptionally organize it in the morning and then lunch. Booking in advance is required at least 3 days before.


The class takes 3 hours + dinner time



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