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Lago di Castellabate (SA)
  • 60
  • 4 people
  • 1 bedrooms
  • 3 beds
  • 1 baths
  • 52/42 Mbps speedtest

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Describe your accommodation
This apartment, located in Santa Maria di Castellabate 150 m from the sea, is ideal for 4 travelers. It offers a bedroom, an enclosed garden and high speed WiFi ideal for smart working. The living room is perfect for relaxing after a day in the sun. Curl up on the comfortable sofa and enjoy a good book or take advantage of the amenities on offer, including a TV with satellite channels. The kitchen is fully equipped to allow you to cook your favorite dishes. Enjoy your feast around the dining table which seats 6 or outside, in the garden or on the balcony. Enjoy the view of the sea. The apartment has a comfortable bedroom with a double bed. The bathroom is equipped with a shower, sink and washing machine. The apartment has central heating, cleaning products and a vacuum cleaner. Parking is available on site and is private. Smoking is allowed. Pets are not allowed. Parties are not allowed. There are bicycles available for the guests.
The owner lives near the property.

Your space
Lago di  Castellabate is a fraction of the municipality of Castellabate, from which it is only 2.75 km away, and is located in the province of Salerno, within the Cilento National Park. Lake is not only mountains but also and above all sea, because its coast has one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Campania and is part of the marine protected area of ​​Santa Maria di Castellabate.

The climate
The country is located on the Tyrrhenian coast and enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate, with many sunny days, hot summers and mild winters. This is also due to the presence of the Campania Apennines which protects the area from the coldest winds from the east. Temperatures are pleasant in the winter season, the only period in which there is more frequent rain, while in summer the weather reigns supreme.

The district
According to the greek historian Strabone, Punta Licosa owes its name to the siren Leukosia, in fact he writes: “Whoever navigates the Gulf, from Posidonia, sees the island of Leucosia, a short distance from the mainland, whose name takes its name from one of the Sirens fallen here after they , as it is said, they fell into the abyss of the sea. In front of the island is the prmontory in front of the Sirenusse, which forms the Gulf of Posidonia. ” (from: Geografia, Book VI, 1,1) Legend has it that Leukosia is one of the three sirens that Ulysses met on his journey, in the Homeric Odyssey. Here Leukosia committed suicide after failing with Ulysses, who managed not to be ensnared by her song, and was transformed into a rock. Today the current Licosa is a promontory characterized by a forest park covered by typical Mediterranean scrub. Punta Licosa is a Protected Italian Marine Reserve.
Magical is the stretch of Cilento coast between Punta Licosa and Ogliastro, here a narrow path runs along the sea, with shaded sections, and connects the two hamlets through enchanting places such as Punta della Scala and Torre di Mezzo, but the most popular trekking route is known is the one that starts from San Marco di Castellabate and reaches Punta Licosa. During this itinerary, the panoramic views of the Bay of Castellabate and Punta Tresino are spectacular, and it is possible to admire the Amalfi Coast and even the island of Capri on the horizon.

Trekking paths
Discovering Punta Licosa from San Marco di Castellabate
This naruralistic route is very easy, lasting about 2 hours and a difference in height of only 40 m. Ideal itinerary for those approaching trekking for the first time and for those who love the sea. It starts from the port of San Marco di Castellabate and follows the signs for Punta Licosa. The first part of the itinerary is shaded and runs alongside some receptive structures surrounded by greenery here and there. Stradafacendo The path crosses woods and Mediterranean scrub, amidst the scents of Aleppo pines, myrtles, mastic trees and carob trees as well as coves and beaches. With a little luck it is possible to spot magpies, blackbirds and seagulls. The culmination of the walk is, finally, the sight of the mythological island of Licosa.

Towards Punta Tresino
The coastal strip between Agropoli and Santa Maria di Castellabate is a place where time seems to have stopped. Santa Maria beach in ca. 45 min. The direction to take is San Giovanni, via Cozzo Piano Cupo, and always uphill. After approx. 40 min walk, and even before arriving at the abandoned village of San Giovanni (228 m), you reach a source of water where you can cool off for a few minutes, and from where you can admire a splendid view of Santa Maria di Castellabate , Punta Licosa, Castellabate Paese and Monte Stella. In San Giovanni it is possible to admire the square with the suggestive staircase and the ruins of the church. Continuing north, the view opens up more and more on the Bay of Trentova di Agropoli, on Paestum and the Piana del Sele, on the Amalfi Coast and Capri. The trekking route continues northwards, towards Contrada Pastena, until reaching Punta Tresino and the Coastal Tower, from which it is possible to admire Punta Licosa to the south and, ever closer, Agropoli to the north.

Getting around the area
A few meters from the apartment there is the shuttle stop that runs throughout the territory of Castellabate, from the center of Santa Maria di Castellabate there are bus stops that make the extra-urban line, Agropoli Railway Station, Salerno high speed Freccia Rossa and Italo and Naples Airport.

Cancellation policy

Optic fiber
Download – 52 Mbps
Upload – 42 Mbps



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