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There isn’t a Smartway workation without an authentic experience that will allow you to learn more about the traditions of the village and leave you an indelible memory of your stay!

What will you do

There is a thing you need to know before we explain the experience: Every year, in a charming and magical medieval atmosphere, an unconventional race takes place in Montepulciano: a barrel race called “Il Bravìo delle Botti”. It’s a competition between the eight contrade (districts) of the town. They fight over a painted cloth – namely “Il Panno” – by rolling empty wine barrels, weighing about 80 kg each, along an uphill path for over one kilometer. Each Contrada has its own name, specific colours and its flag-weavers team!
The Flag-waving Association of Montepulciano brings together all the flag-throwers of the contrade and thanks to this experience, you will have the chance to get to know this world up close.

You will all gather together in one of Montepulciano’s iconic locations where some of the flag wavers will welcome you and tell you a little about the history and origins of this tradition. Afterwards, there will be the practical part! Together with them, you will try out the flags yourself and learn some interesting tricks.

The workshop will be really fun, and at the end you will go home with an extra skill!

Meeting point 

The meeting point will be agreed together depending on the number of participants and could be:

  • Tempio di San Biagio Garden
  • Piazza Grande, the main square of Montepulciano

What is included

  • Flag-wavers Workshop
  • All the equipments

Min. / Max. number of participants

Min. 4 Max. 90 people

Weekly availability

The experience is available every day, according to the availability of the flag-waver.

Booking in advance at least 2 weeks before is required.


1h30 Hour




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