Mediterranean Foraging Core, Experiences Workshop


Walk – Forage – Eat

Repeat! ๐Ÿ”„

It’s a sustainable experience for your body, soul and senses. Indulge your need of one of a kind experience, explore your ancient instinct, discover the scent of the Cilento nature and enjoy its flavours!

What you will do

Botanical walks take place in forests, meadows and cultivated fields to discover the medicinal plants that grow wild. The use of herbs, in the Mediterranean tradition, is based on a very broad philosophical and ecological concept of prevention; on maintaining health; on the local ecosystem as medicine; on food as medicine; and on the long-term caring relationship. It is an integral part of the Mediterranean cultural identity, what we now call the Mediterranean Diet, recognised by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The activity of foraging is a way of accessing nature, allowing one to increase one’s connection with it and to be more inclined to protect it.

In particular, this experience will start from Pollica and, through a circular route, you will reach Celso and the “Serra di Mulino a Vento” hill. During the walk, Fernanda, an expert local guide, will explain the natural beauty of the area and the spontaneous herbs that can be observed. In addition, each participant will be provided with a notebook for ‘travel notes’ in which there will be a herbarium for collecting and cataloguing Cilento herbs. At the end of the walk, the harvest will be taken to the castle and, thanks to Fernanda’s advice, used to prepare some typical dishes (e.g. herb omelette, leaves and potatoes).

Meeting point 

Castello dei Principi Capano – No Car needed

What is included

  • Guided walk
  • Foraging
  • Meal preparation with the herbs you picked
  • Notebook

Min. Max. number of participants

Min. 5 Max. 20 participants

Weekly availability 

All over the year, weather permitting.

Booking in advance is required at least 3 days before


About 2 hours



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