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While in town, don’t miss the chance to discover the surroundings and all everything that the village can offer you through authentic experiences in true Smartway style!

Ask the “women of the mountains” cooperative to participate in one of the many experiences offered according to the season. From gathering wild herbs to carding wool, from educational milk workshops to interactive dinners in the village with traditional specialties; during your workation you will literally be part of the community!

What can you do?

Wild herbs harvesting: an experience of the sense of smell and taste by picking good wild herbs and processing them in the kitchen.

Among the valleys: excursions along the ancient frontier routes, to discover the history, traditions of the Val Brembana and Valtellina.

Wool workshops: you will discover how yarn is obtained from the wool ball using all the various tools at first hand. During the wool production chain, the processing stages will be explained in detail.

Meadow and forest path: both in summer and winter (snowshoe walk in the case of snow) you will have the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the area. During the hike, you will learn more about rural and mountain characteristics and on the occasion you will be able to see the huts and understand what life was like on the farm in the past.

Milk and stracchino cheese workshops: you can see how milk is made into stracchino cheese by being the direct protagonists. Information about the cow and an explanation of the various stages of processing will be provided during the process.

Radio Galena workshop: you will learn how from a copper wire, a piece of galena and a headset you can pick up radio waves and listen to the radio Galena. They will also show you antique radios and learn the principles of the Morse alphabet.

All the experiences are arranged with previous booking. Email us to book your favorite ones!



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