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In autumn, the Apennines are transformed into a mosaic of colours and flavours. Forests, woods and meadows become painted canvases, the ideal setting for a picturesque autumn trek!

What will you do

Yellow, orange, red and gold: autumn is the very moment when nature transforms, shedding its vibrant shades of green for warmer, like those of the chestnut tree, beech and birch trees. In the Apennine Mountains, you can admire this phenomenal foliage in every colour imaginable.

Pull on your trekking shoes, pick out one of the walks suggested below, and don’t forget to bring your camera: you’ll definitely want to capture an eternal memory of this extraordinary spectacle, autumn’s great gift to us! 

HIKING N° 1: You will set off on foot from the Rifugio dell’Aquila towards Fontanelle, to take the path that leads to the discovery of an artistic path composed of 4 artistic installations in perfect harmony with the surrounding natural environment; along the entire route you will be able to observe the autumnal nuances offered by the forest in which there are maples, willows, chestnuts, elms, ashes and hornbeams.  You will continue to climb walking on a bed of leaves until you reach the ‘Cornice Panoramica’ located on the top of a rocky outcrop from where you can admire a breathtaking panorama overlooking the entire village and the peaks of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. At the end of the walk you will return to the village where you will enjoy a tasty aperitif of wine, mixed cold cuts and locally produced cheeses.  

HIKING N° 2: Departure by car from the Rifugio dell’Aquila up towards the upper part of the village to take the road that in 5 minutes will take you to the start of the ‘Decauville’ path. The name of this suggestive path overlooking the “Schiocchi” of the Ozola river, immersed in the most ancient beech woods, derives from the construction of a railway in the 1920s used to transport materials such as gravel, timber and coal to serve the hydroelectric works in the valley. The route is entirely on level ground past majestic beech trees that colour the forest gold, orange and red in autumn, creating a magical atmosphere that will help you forget your daily routine. Halfway along the route the beeches leave a window open on the majestic gentle giant: Mount Cusna. You will continue towards the bridge over the Rimale river, where a snack of chestnuts and mulled wine will be waiting for you! Once refreshed, you will set off again to return to your cars along the same route.

Meeting point

The meeting point is Rifugio dell’Aquila. If you choose the Hiking N°2 car is needed to reach the starting point of the hike.

What is included
Hiking n°1: local guide, rich aperitif in town

Hiking n° 2: local guide, snack with chestnuts and Mulled wine

Min. – Max. number of participants

Min. 7 Max. 40 participants

Weekly availability

The experience takes place in Fall, booking at least 1 week in advance is required. Weather permitting


Hike n°1: 1 Hour – 3 km hike

Hike n° 2: 2 hours 4 km hike



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