Coworking space in a 18th-century Franciscan cloister Co-Working Coworking space, Meeting space



The coworking space is located inside an evocative 18th-century Franciscan cloister, adjacent to the church of San Francesco built in the early 1300s. The rooms that were once cellars and spaces dedicated to the work of the Franciscan friars are now coworking spaces. Airy rooms enclosed by terracotta floors and deep stone walls, thanks to which it will be very pleasant to work even in the absence of artificial air conditioning. Inside the Cloister you could find also the Minà Palumbo Natural History Museum.
The workspace is divided in 2 rooms as coworking space and a meeting room.

The coworking space is equipped with 3 large island desks for daily work, comfortable work chairs and a multifunctional digital printer.

Most of the workstations have 24” monitors and accessories for working comfort. The space can
also be used to host meetings and plenary sessions with your colleagues thanks to a 33” screen monitor useful for video conferences and presentations.

In the adjacent meeting room you will find a large workstation and an additional monitor, the ideal place to host a little meeting.

Good to know -> the cloister’s garden is ideal both for your breaks (there’s a cafeteria there) and for any private or business calls.

Number of available seats

In day-by-day work -> Up to 30 people
Meeting group -> Up to 120 people

Connection speed

Wifi radio connection with access by login | 40 Mbps download and 30 Mbps upload guaranteed per user

Surface Area

3 Working Rooms: from 39 sqm to 60 sqm

1 Meeting Room: 200 sqm


09:00 – 20:00


Working room: tables, ergonomic chairs, desk lamps, monitor, printer, lockers
Meeting room: desk, chairs, monitor


Piazza San Francesco, 5


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