Blindfolded to discover the sea of Sciacca Experiences, Gold Tour & Trekking €66 - €66


The idea behind this activity is to create an immersive experience that will open your senses: a thrilling and unique journey to challenge and learn more about yourselves !

What will you do

Living the experience of a boat ride without being able to see allows you to discover a new world, in which you rely on the perceptions of hearing, touch and smell.

Orient yourself feeling the sun and the wind on your skin, driving a boat and appreciating even more the sounds coming from the sea.

What is included

  • Blackout glasses
  • Guided Boat ride
  • Tasting of typical products on the boat


The duration of the experience is approximately 5h00

Min. Max number of partecipants 

Min. 2 Max 5 people

Weekly availability

This experience is bookable according to the availability of the promoter. Ask you Town Angel to arrange for it!



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