Baker for a day: The Biscio of Nocera Experiences, Platinum Food & Drinks, Workshop

Nocera Umbra

Through this experience you will discover with all your senses one of the traditional dishes of Nocera Umbra, the “Biscio”. The experience will be carried out together with one of the Nocera families who keep the original recipe of this delightful dish.
Elvira, Carlo and Enrico will teach you how to make the Biscio, telling you the story of their business that was born right where there was the old bakery of the town where women up to the 60s used to cook their creations jealously guarding their secrets!

What will you do

But….What’s the Biscio?!
The ancient recipe is of Lombard origin then taken up by popular tradition. It’s essentially a “wrap” of very thin egg puff stuffed with seasonal leafy vegetables sautéed in a pan; rolled up making a sort of cake look like a snake (Biscio literally means grass snake!).

During the course, together with the 3 locals, you will made all the phases of the ancient recipe, from the choice of the herbs that will be boiled and pan-fried, to the hand-made dough until the very thin ‘puff pastry’ is rolled out.

Once rolled up, the Biscio will be baked in the oven. You will wait for the final result by tasting typical hand-made products of the bakery.

The experience will end by eating the Biscio you made and freshly baked! 😉

What is included

  • Cooking class
  • Ingredients and cooking equipment
  • Food and drink tasting
  • The original recipe

Meeting point 

Piazza Umberto I – No car needed

Min. – Max. number of participants

Min. 4 – Max. 10 people at the same time

Weekly availability

Monday- Saturday except July and August.

On Tuesday the experience is available only during the morning.

Booking in advance is required at least 2 weeks before


3 Hours



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